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Annual Report at Brandenburg City Council

Last night I attended the Brandenburg City Council Meeting and was able to share the annual report for the Meade County Area Chamber of Commerce. In order to best support our local businesses and attract new industry, it is vitally important that the city and county have a strong and healthy Chamber of Commerce.
We consider the following key steps as our focus during the upcoming fiscal year. To grow our economic-development through the chamber we will:
• Show the value,
• Increase communications and
• Create the partnerships that will make our community more competitive in the years ahead.
Where we frequently fall short is telling our story – and it’s a very good story – to businesses and people who might have an interest in locating in Meade County. Ultimately we feel that this role is a major part of the Chamber of Commerce. We need to not only develop a better understanding of the value we provide to member businesses, but communicate the Chamber’s work on a broader scale.
As Meade County promotes itself as the county of choice for the location of new businesses and new residents to the region, the community relies upon the Chamber of Commerce to supply the tools for this job.

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