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  • Kentucky State Fair Meade County Booth

    Red Rock at the 2014 State Fair

    Red Rock at the 2014 State Fair

    The State Fair is going great this year. The weather has been wonderful and the crowds have really enjoyed the BIG Truck. Kids of all ages can’t resist Neal Allen’s pulling truck, Red Rock. It will take him a week to wipe all the finger prints and drool from the truck! I’ve even seen them stroke the tires! Frank Mudd’s Giant Watermelon is also at the booth. At 144 pounds, the watermelon is still the star of the South Wing. I would not regret stating that this watermelon is the most photographed item at the fair. The first prize went to his watermelon in the Fruits and Vegetable section in the West wing, which weighed 217.4 pounds. In 2012, the melon we had in the booth was 244 pounds, the winner was 267. That is 100 pounds more than the one we have this year… that is amazing! Frank said the cool nights have been a problem for growing this year. They love the hot nights of summer, and why not, a cool slice of watermelon is the very essence of summer time in the south!

    Bennet Davis of America's Best Value Inn with Marci Bullock

    Bennet Davis of America’s Best Value Inn with Marci Bullock

    I want to say a special thanks to all our volunteers this week: Tim Gossett, Gary Chapman, Daryl & Joyce Durbin, Steven Barr, Charlotte Shephard, Mary Ann Vowels, Sue Lancaster, Ronnie and Flo Joyner, the Hecht Family, Deb Masterson and Cameron, Joe & Norma Bartley, Bruce and Connie Fackler, Chris Cottrell, Terry Mitchell, Bridgette Powers, Donna Brown, Patsy Lusk, Maggie Love, Gerry & Fran Fischer, Neal Allen, Andrew Ford, Bennet Davis & Marci Bullock,  Harry and Marilyn Craycroft, Ray Cottrell Jr., Gerry and Nancye Lynn, Regina Foushee, and Melissa Mudd. Jail House Pizza sent t-shirts to give away which were an enormous hit. Thanks to all! We have the best Pride of the Counties booth at the State Fair, and our volunteers are the reason! Your commitment to answer the thousands of questions and greet each with smiles and friendliness is wonderful.


    Member of the Month August 2014 Sue Cummings

                Meade County native, Sue Cummings, has been in the hospitality business for 33 years in Muldraugh, and 5 years in Phoenix. In the “early days” she referred to the draw of the ‘wild west ‘ as the reason for locating in Arizona. “We are a family owned and operated business.” “Bob (Cummings) and Charlotte (Fackler) are here when I call, and Debbie (Chee) has been with the hotel since I bought it in the eighties.”

                    Sue told me the story of working in Washington D.C., and her mentor’s words to her to Keep it Simple, a business practice she stills holds true for her success today. There were two women who influenced many of the decisions she made in her life.  They were her aunt, an Army Major during the forties, “that was an amazing accomplishment for a woman during that time, and Jacquelyn Kennedy. She taught me the importance of grace and good manners for children. I always admired her and her role as the mother of our nation’s children in the White House.”

    The Golden Manor Inn and Suites has 28 full time employees. “The hotel business is constantly updating. As soon as you finish one project, and ‘I need projects’, she smiled, I start another.” Golden Manor has 110 rooms and many extended stay facilities.  They also have rental homes and apartments. They offer Doe Valley Golf Club and lodging packages. Their extended stay program is used by many employees of the construction industry projects that are located in our area. Special fall and winter all-inclusive weekly and monthly rates, the amenities that are offered are WiFi, cable TV, indoor pool, fitness and conference rooms. Make yourself at home today! The Inn is located at 116 South Dixie Hwy in Muldraugh.

    A good long term relationship with the Army has been a big part of the Golden Manor’s history. “We have ROTC all summer, long term visitors make huge economic impacts on the local economy. I have signed the One Knox Letter (asking for no future Army job cuts at Fort Knox) and share it daily. Everyone should sign it!”

    Their level of support to this Chamber is a great asset to the success of the Chamber, and it is important for us to say thank you and recognize their commitment to our success.