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Microgrant Meade

Microgrant Meade


The Meade County Area Chamber of Commerce was fortunate enough to raise an excess of funds in 2022 with our Chamber Banquet. We thought about how we could use these funds to give back to our members, the best solution was to provide small one-time funding grants to local struggling small businesses.


  1. To give small one-time funding to Meade County businesses in need
  2. Provide funding to hopefully help businesses from closing their doors due to an unexpected expense
  3. Provide one-time funding for a needed item for a small business


Businesses must be geographically located inside Meade County, KY. They do not have to be a member at the first request of funding, as this is a needs-based service. Do have to be a member when making a second funding request. Can only request funds once every 3 years. These grants are meant to be a support for struggling or startup businesses not a source of revenue.


The application period opens in July and will continue until funds are exhausted.

Applications can be downloaded HERE. Completed applications are required to be emailed to

Grant applications are judged by a community committee making a recommendation to the Meade County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has the final vote on allocations. Funding will be made in one part and there will be a reporting requirement. Reporting will have a grace period of 14 days past the due date. This will allow for project tracing and success reporting.

Cost of relocation to a larger facility, salaries or raises, trips, events, or nonpriority funding will not be granted.

Max funding per applicant is $1,200.

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